Here I am in Matteo Cammisa lesson :)

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Matteo Cammisa (professional percussionist) and his Youtube channel having a great success with completely free Cajon lessons for all subscribers!

Already it has thousands of views, with a kind of easy and very intuitive lesson where everyone can learn from as well the instrument and what you can do with it.

As well as signing a collaboration with him in NJON project I worked very happily with my Maschine to accompany him for his interesting tutorial!

Watch the video lesson No. 6 dedicated to Funky and share it to all who may be interested!


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This project is a collaboration between Davide Giannoni (bassist and producer) and Matteo Cammisa (percussionist).
Our idea is to fuse an electronic instrument such as the NI Maschine and an instrument completely acoustic as the cajón.

This project was born for live sessions and let know as much people as we can about the two “rival” instruments. I hope you’ll like this video, for info contact me on

Mogees® – Play the World

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Sifting through the internet the other day I found a very interesting app !
It’s called Mogees ® the caption of the site ( ) says it all: “Play the World” , in fact this app for iPhone allows you to connect our device with any material which has an area vibrant and be able to play !
So you can play through a door , a table, a radiator , a network of iron, railings and everything you can think of!

It is an app for Iphone with its dedicated hardware , looking at the video , the hardware is very similar to a piezo pickups ( hope I have not offended the creator of the object … ) , the very interesting thing is that the ‘ app can be played in a completely free the object in question , then no limit frequency , or you can load a song that you want to play guide beating on any object .

I highly recommend  to help Bruno Zamborlin (the mind and soul  Mogees ® maker) giving a financial contribution to create this wonder app!

Just click on this link to make an offer on – site – >>>

As a good sound designers can not wait that this app will be produced !

Not much more to explain I recommend you take a look at the video below!

Cubase iC Air gestures control!

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Think how much computer technology has created primarily for video games for example Kinect!

So we put the fun of the game in the passion of the music and Cubase!


Put your mouse and keyboard aside, or any other controller at hand. Yes, it’s all about the hands and gestures. Together with Leap Motion’s controller or depth cameras developed using the Intel perceptual technology SDK 2013, Cubase iC Air gives you the ability to control Cubase 7 and Cubase Artist 7 with the sole movement of your hands!

But my question is:

How can this be accurate sensor to create music?

And how many people are willing to put aside mouse and keyboard to take this sensor?